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1. Fast speed of construction: The construction working cycle is 4-5 days per floor. Its effective for cost saving in human resource and construction management.

2. Low using cost: formwork can be re-used over 150-300 times and still keeps high quality to finish forming concrete surface. Also the average cost of using in each time is low.

3.Construction more easily, conveniently and effectively: ZK aluminum formwork system is a light weight hand held system. The weight of aluminum formwork is around 25KG/m2. The whole assembly process could be finished without any machines assist. The simple system of pins & wedges makes assembly easier. The workers just need a spanner and a hammer to assemble the whole system easily.

4. High stability and load bearing capacity : the formwork made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy plate and aluminum alloy profile. The system formed to a frame structure after assembling, its load bearing capacity reach to 60KN/m2.
5. Widely scope of application: Formwork system is suited for application of walls, beams, floors, windows, columns, etc.

6. The concrete surface after dismantling: It would be a very high quality finishing. The concrete surface is flat, smooth. No need heavy backing plaster. Effectively for plaster cost saving.

7. No construction waste: Spare parts included pins and wedges should be recycled. Worksite would be a safety, clean and tidy environment.

8. Strong versatility: Dimensions of most of the formworks which used in different structural drawings are the same. It means that when you have a new different project, 70%-80% formworks of the last project could be recycled.

9. Recovery of high value: After formworks lost a value in usage, the aluminum material could be re-sold to the market with a high price.

10. Supporting system more simple: Contrast to traditional formwork systems, aluminum formwork system use less supporting rods, it leave more space for walking or materials transportation.

11. Conform to the Low-Carbon Economic requirements: All the materials in the formwork system are recyclable materials. Most countries have been set a rule to prohibit using wooden formworks due to environment protection. Aluminum formwork is the best substitution.

Compare with steel formwork, wooden formwork:

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