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Aluminum formwork technology has 50 years experience in the developed world. Aluminium formwork
origined from United States since 1962. Now United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, India has widely used aluminum formwork in construction. 10 years ago, South Korea main uses plywood in high residential building construction , but now 80% uses aluminum formwork.

Aluminum formwork origined from the developed country. Due to the market developing, aluminum has been popular accepted in the construction. It would be widely popularized all over the world,due to No need for skilled worker, reuses, hign surface quality of concrete, no need to use equipment and other features of aluminum formwork. Zhongke , combining with the advantages of aluminum formwork and the domestic markets construction , designs “faster assemble, faster dismantle ”aluminum formwork system.

Aluminum formwork reuses more than 200 times, so that it could low the labor cost, time. Conforming to the low-carbon economic requirements , aluminum formworks would be the innovation in the high concrete construction.
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