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Zhongke Construction was established in 2012. It is a limited liability company with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and a factory area of ??30,000 square meters. Its business scope includes: new construction technology research and development, promotion and results transfer. He provides related technical advice; construction work construction; production and sales of architectural aluminum alloy templates (except for projects prohibited by laws and administrative regulations; projects subject to laws and administrative regulations must be obtained Licensing can operate.) With the development of business, Zhongke Building will increase investment and adjust and expand business scope in accordance with market needs.
The main domestic performances of the company include: Foshan Poly Garden, Foshan Zhongjian Waterside Garden, Midea Lake Garden, Foshan Golden Mile Blue Bay, Foshan Four Seasons, Foshan Vanke City, Foshan Vanke Plaza, Foshan Nanhai Vanke Plaza, Foshan Vanke Liyuan, Foshan Vanke Crystal City, Tianhua Building Lingwang Elevator, Guangzhou Vanke Citygate, Jinan Vanke, Dongguan Vanke Felih Hill, Zhongshan Vanke Park Hyatt Bay, Zhongshan Vanke Golden Home, Huizhou Coutant Coast, Shenzhen Vanke Double Bay, Nanning Vanke City and other projects. The export business covers Africa, Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe, with an annual turnover of more than RMB 100 million.
We take "efficiency, innovation, collaboration, and common vision" as our corporate values. "Quality for survival, efficiency and development" industry benchmark.

       The logo is composed of an abstract pattern and four buildings of "Civil Architecture". The Chinese characters are hand-written lines and fonts. The abstract pattern is composed of lowercase English letters "b" and "q". "b" is taken from the English word "building" and directly expounds that the main business of Zhongke Company is the construction and building materials industry; "q" is taken from the English word. “Quality” expounds that the goal of building a public building is to win the market with products of superior quality; the entire pattern displays such a corporate culture: the people in the department should “pragmatic and enterprising” work attitude and “excellence in product quality”. For work goals and job responsibilities, we strive to achieve "harmony and win-win" with customers and employees.
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